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August 26, 2011 / daryleverett

Birthday party cupcakes!

Cupcakes that are safe for C2!

My niece turns 6 this weekend. That means a party…and a cake.  If you have a child with egg allergies you know that means keeping the sweet treats out of little hands. One way to do this (probably the nicest way) is to create a safe substitute. Up until now, I have only make cakes and cookies from scratch since the egg and milk allergies surfaced. And up until now my son has taken one bite of the cake or cupcake and been satisfied that his lunch is better.  Well for better or worse, I found a safe cake mix and frosting mix. He helped us bake them and after taking one bite of the warm treat he grabbed the cupcake papers and declared that we needed to bake “more.”  Looks like these will actually get eaten!

The cake mix is Cherrybrook Kitchen Yellow Cake Mix

I think the yellow ones taste a bit like roasted marshmallows. It’s the cane sugar I’m tasting, I’m almost certain. The texture is lovely and they look just like egg-filled cupcakes.

I used sunflower oil for the oil and we added Nestle Cocoa to the second half of the batter to make some chocolate cupcakes.

I also tried the vanilla frosting but it isn’t a good substitute for me so I will be making some homemade something to frost them with.
Cherrybrook chocolate chip cookiesI got some mix fortoo. I think those will go to a party with us on next Sunday.

I hope that if you try these you like them as much as C2!


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