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September 9, 2011 / daryleverett

The Prince and the pizza

Dairy-free, egg-free pizza with chicken and pineapple

Dairy-free, egg-free pizza with chicken and pineappleI had been craving pizza for days. What’s a dairy-free soy-free mama to do? Create a pizza without the need for cheese of course!
I purchased some Mama Mary’s Thin ‘n Crispy pizza crusts from Costco along with a rotissorie chicken and a pineapple.
I had some calabella and bell peppers from my garden that were simply begging to be eaten.
I grabbed the leftover barbeque sauce from the fridge, the olive oil from the counter, punched the oven up to 450*F as directed and set to work. On went the EVOO, next was the BBQ sauce. Two forks appeared and began to shred that poor chicken to smitherins. CHOP, CHOP, CHOP went the knife over the peppers and pineapple. A rainbow of colors showered down over the brown sea of sauce. Beep, BEEEEEEP, beep beep, down to 425* went the digits on the oven. Into the firey cave slid the great circle.
“HOT” said a small voice.
Sheee, Viop viop, the pie was divided and transported to serving dishes fit for a tiny prince.
“What is this new and strange food before me?” the prince’s eyes seemed to say. Timidly, he lifted the colorful decorations from the triangle. “MMMM, Gud.” He declared, matter of factly. Bite by bite the rainbow of color dissolved until at last the prince called out, “more please, please, please”.
A second triangle was brought before him and in short order it too met its fate. Until we meet again tasty treat. Until we meet again.

Toddler eating pizza


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