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September 25, 2011 / daryleverett

Allergy awareness products and Epi-Pen cases

I have decided that in order for C2 to be safe outside of my sight, he needs an visual notifier for others to know not to feed him. I did some searching and found some really nifty ideas on from which I created this treasury (Epi-pen carriers too! Sweet!). I also saw these aprons but I had included her Epi-pen case in the treasury so I couldn’t include the aprons too.  There are more items on Etsy if you search for “allergy” and then narrow your search to say “accessories.” Some really pretty alert bracelets for ladies/older girls can be found too.  I also found these bands and these bands/dog tags for older children. I decided to try my hand at making some rectanglular stickers like those he likes from the pediatricians office. Since I had a sheet of sticker paper that you cut into your own shapes I didn’t need to worry about the size of my template.  Here they are:Allergy awareness stickers for children boys

What allergy resource do you love?

How do you handle playdates, church nursery, and parties?

Comment and let me know, I need ideas!


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