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November 6, 2011 / daryleverett


Last week we took C2 for allergy testing to get a better idea of how severe his egg allergy is and if it’s anaphylactic.  The allergist didn’t think that my suggestion of skin testing was necessary and instead sent us for IgE blood testing. The pediatrician decided that we should also do an IgA or IgG test since we were sticking him anyway.

I have battled with the idea of testing until now because I know the rate of false positives and negatives are high.

I called pediatrician to see what the results were. Naturally the IgA or IgG test results show that two out of the three things that office tested for are negative. REALLY?!!! Huge red swollen spots upon contact doesn’t equal a positive blood test?

Intellectually I understand that it is testing for the presence of the immunoglobulin and that if he hasn’t been exposed to it then the levels will go down. But everyone else isn’t going to understand that. To the layman, a negative result means it’s okay to feed it to him.


We are still waiting for the results of the IgE testing from the allergist. I’m sending up prayers that it is more helpful than the false negatives we got from the other vial.


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