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February 11, 2012 / daryleverett

I just read this and it’s well worth passing on! A great listing to get you to think of all the things you CAN eat instead of what you have to give up!

normal, like breathing

Let me begin this post by saying that many of my colleagues are hesitant to suggest that a mother consider eliminating one or more foods from her diet; they are worried that “one more thing” will make a mother not want to breastfeed her baby.  My perspective is a little different, because when my babies were suffering, I knew:

  1. If something is wrong with my baby, breastfeeding is definitely NOT to blame, because it is the biological norm.
  2. Galactosemia is an incredibly rare condition, so the likelihood that my baby is “allergic to my milk” is extremely small.
When I changed my diet 9 years ago and saw marked improvement in both my baby and in myself, I was discouraged by the dismissive attitude of my healthcare providers at the time, who refused to confirm any connection between maternal diet and sensitivities in an exclusively breastfed baby.  What I didn’t…

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