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March 1, 2012 / daryleverett

Nachos {dairy-free, egg-free,legume-free} yummy!

This is a favorite around here from the dairy days and we just added sour (cashew) cream this time. It is versatile enough that you can have available different toppings for those with different diet to chose from. This is a creation of my dairy-eating-husband.

You need:
Tortilla chips (we like Tostitos scoops)
Ground beef or sirloin (or substitute)
Taco seasoning
Toppings: (any number of these)
Cashew cream
Ripe avocado
Safe cheese sub, if you have one
Kernel corn
Other toppings
If you can do beans, black beans or refried beans are yummy in this. (I make no claims as to the healthy factor of this meal!)
If you don’t have cashew cream on hand start soaking the cashews first.
Brown the meat and add the taco seasoning (I will try to post that recipe soon).
Meanwhile, scoop the avocado out and mash it up in a bowl.
Get a bowl for each diner and line it with chips.
C1 likes to start with refried beans so he warms those while I mash the ‘cado.
Add the meat and most toppings to the chips. Blend you cashew cream if you haven’t already. Once you have added everything dig in! Depending on your style you can use fingers, forks or spoons and definitely napkins!


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