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September 22, 2012 / daryleverett

Cherry-almond date balls {Cherry Larabar inspired}

Cherry Larabar style date and nut balls

I’ve kept dates and almonds and other dried fruits in my refrigerator for a while now. I use them for fruit-date balls/bars. The fruits and almonds are also nice salad toppings and snacks for the snack bags. I decided tonight that I would make up some brownies. Then I discovered we are out of all things chocolate.

Just yesterday I munched the final mango pieces from a bag of dried mangoes and cherries. I decided to use the cherries to make some snack bars. Normally my attempts at these things are fraught with almond boulders and date globs. To detour around those, I searched for some ratios online.  I discovered a blogger who had but all of the ingredients for the bars in the food processor at the same time. What a novel idea! I had never before seen anyone suggest that.

That was a blueberry muffin flavored recipe. Dried blueberries are out of season at my house so I continued my quest.  Then I happened upon this recipe from Sometimes I Veg.  This was just what I needed.

I set off to make some bars.

I had some sliced almonds in the ice box and decided to use those instead of thawing the whole almonds. I dropped about 3/4 cup of those into the Blentec along with the left over cherries (about 1/4-1/3 cup queen anne and bing with 2 tiny pieces of mango mixed in). Then I pitted and quartered (sort of) 8 Medjool dates. It was time for the cherries to meet their dates. Pulse. Pulse. Whirrrr. In less than a minute on speed 2-3, the trinity of ingredients became one.

I lined a little glass dish with parchment paper and dumped the mixture there. I decided to make balls instead of bars–because I’m a little lazy.  They turned out to be really good. I popped a miniature one into my kidlet’s mouth and he immediately said, “Iantmoore.” After I gave him a second one, I caught him taking a third one from the dish!

Try your hand at them and them let me know what you think.


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