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October 30, 2012 / daryleverett

Pumpkin soup!

Pumpkin soup

I have an affection for pumpkin seeds. It borders on addiction really. To feed my habit, I’ve been buying pie pumpkins, baking and freezing them. I now have about 10 pounds of frozen pumpkin. The zipper bags of pumpkin goo are taking over my freezer. Admittedly, they have some help from the chicken carcasses, greens’ “pot liquor,” and goat shanks.  I digress. Today I decided to whip up some soup for lunch. I found a recipe for butternut squash soup in my Blendtec recipe book and used it as a very rough guide. By now you probably now how I measure when I think up my own recipes.


Grab some pumpkin goo and let’s have some fun!

About 10 ounces of cooked pumpkin

about 4 ounces of chicken stock/broth and filtered water (combined)

1 nice shake dried basil

1 nice shake dried thyme

1 shake ground cumin

1/2 cup or so milk (I used almond, but the “guide” said coconut for Thai infusion)

Roasted seeds, slivered nuts, croutons, bacon, etc. for garnish (CRUNCH!) (optional)

Puree all of this together. If you have a Blentec, put it in the jar and push “soup.”  I added the milk after I pureed because the pumpkin mixture was too thick for my taste.  Once you have everything pureed together, heat it up. The “guide” suggested to simmer the mixture until the flavors married; my soup eloped in the microwave.

Top with crunchies and enjoy!

This fed me with leftovers. If you serve it with something like a sandwich, it would probably serve two.

Let me know what great take you come up with!


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