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July 17, 2013 / daryleverett

Portable breakfast for a three-year-old {bacon, lettuce, avocado wrap}


This morning C1 decided that we needed to run an errand on five hours of sleep that required the whole family to load up in the car. I don’t know about your family, but around our house that means breakfast on the run. C1 put some bacon in the microwave before he woke me up so, when I got up, I decided to make BLAT wraps for C2 and Mommie. Daddy had an instant shake. As an aside, I had butter leaf lettuce today which is much better than green leaf lettuce for this recipe. I also popped out to the garden to get a tomato and decided to put some green onion on my wrap. I just washed a piece and stuck it in the wrap without chopping it. OK back to the story. Not thinking clearly, I folded back the paper towel on C2’s wrap before I finished making my wrap and before he was out of bed. Not sure what to do with it and hoping to keep it upright, I grabbed an Avent milk storage cup from the cabinet and dropped it in. What a great idea! C2 loved it because he was able to hold the wrap without squishing out the avocado while he was eating it. I never imagined that he would eat the wrap while it was in the cup but it worked out beautifully. Those little cups are lovely for snacks on the go because they fit in your cup holder and aren’t too deep to get your snack out of when you’re almost finished.
For the full recipe click here BLAT Wrap
(Avent link is an Amazon affiliate link)


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