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March 23, 2015 / daryleverett

Catching up

It’s been a while.  I apologize.  I start posts from my mobile devices and then never get them completed. I guess that’s mom life.  My posts go on my to do list with my laundry, mopping, cleaning, and replying to emails for two weeks or more before.  These days my life is full. Full of activity. Full of laundry. Full of tears. Full of dishes. Full of joy. Full of “Can I say something Mommy? I love you.” Full of “Mumumum! Mu. (milk)”

I feel like I’m just eeking by some days.  Other days I decide to let the house go and spend the day (or the week) outside enjoying the beautiful Spring weather while it lasts.


Tonight I have been reading through some old posts here. Tonight it full of tears. Tears over how far I’ve come in my battle with depression. Tears over how many feelings I had when my son was a toddler are echoed in the thoughts I have now. Tears of happiness that I have grown and don’t compare my toddlers but, mostly, accept their uniqueness.

I’ll catch you up on more later but for now, I’m off to bed before speech therapy and Pre-K learning need my attention alongside nursing and changing diapers.

Until next time, keep your head up!

~C2’s Mommie~


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