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About our Creative Kitchen Journey and Journal

I have a son.  His name is “C2” and he is a (not-so) little boy. He loves gardening, waterhoses, trains, birds, cats, tickle fights, chewing gum, his cousins, his parents and grandparents. Oh yeah he’s allergic to eggs, casein, strawberries (and thus we avoid red dye) and legumes. Of these casein is the least problematic as it only causes a fine rash and behavior changes as opposed to the red blotches and RROD caused by the others.

Each time someone learns about his allergies they have one of two reactions: “Are you sure he’s allergic? How do you know?” or “What do you feed him?”  More often it’s the latter.  It seems daunting at first and I will admit the legume elimination has been difficult (lima beans are my favorite side!), but it’s not as hard as it seems. For us it basically means we eat at home every meal, if we do visit others we bring our food along, about 98% of our foods are fresh the others are things like dried pasta or cereal.

Anyway, I am asked this question so often that I joked about writing down everything we eat and blogging it. I have been bombarding my Facebook friends and my family with “food porn” texts for weeks. Tonight I decided to turn this blog into a reality and stop being so obnoxious to those Facebook friends and my family…maybe not but at least they will have company in the followers of this blog!

The next question is inevitably, “Do you think he’ll grow out of them?” I don’t know. The doctors don’t know. If he does that’s fine. If he doesn’t that’s fine too, you make the adjustments you need to for your children. When a child reacts to poison oak you teach him not to touch it and you chop it down when you see it, right? Why would we not do the same for food allergies?


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